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Original Works of Art by Anita-Maria Chang sponsored by Art Barter Services

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Geneticall modified Jack, Anita Chang
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Anita-Maria Chang is an experienced artist selling internationally for many years. Her own illness has been an inspiration for her and for the many people she helps on a daily basis.

Epilepsy and other neurological conditions have become her campaign for life and she has shown a commitment to sufferers of these conditions who like herself, feel that they are under researched, under helped and overlooked.

Anita-Maria Chang has now created a workforce of people who like her supply art commercially .With the help of ArtBarter, Exhibitions are displayed throughout the year for the sale of Original paintings.
To find out more about ArtBarter please click the link below.

New galleries are to be launched 25th October 2004 offering more than a usual brand of commercial / traditional artwork but a plethora of...the world of art itself.

Boogie Man


Due to illegal use of images created by Anita Chang the full catalogue of works is now held By ArtBarter and can be accessed via


Crawling elf


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